From the creation of new brands to revitalising existing ones.

Brand Exploration Sessions

Brand Audit
Brand Exploration Sessions
Is your brand making the right first impression? What components of your brand may be holding back your business? Is your audience perceiving your brand the way you want them to? Is your messaging and visual identity consistent and coherent? 

These sessions are ideal to put yourself and your team in the shoes of your customers. It includes a full exploration to check how your current brand is performing. It can be a 1:1 or group session depending on your objectives and business life cycle.



> Identify where change needs to happen

> Improve competitive position

> Help reconnect the brand with your people, clients, community and long-term strategy

> Bring to light new brand opportunities and collaborations


Brand Essentials Workshops

Brand Culture & Branding Workshops
Brand Essentals Workshops

Every business needs to dedicate time to its brand foundation and strategy. It is much more than a beautiful logo, a website, or an app. The brand foundation determines exactly how your audience sees you and influences whether they engage with your brand or not.

The brand foundation determines exactly how your audience sees you and influences whether they engage with your brand or not.

I will help you define where your business should be positioned in your market and industry. As well as how all of the supporting components can be used to give your brand the competitive spark it needs.

This exercise will allow to elaborate the following elements and more.


- Brand Purpose

- Brand Values

- Brand Architecture

- Brand Positioning

- Tone of Voice

- Visual identity


> Walk the talk, it will give you the tools to establish a

long-term strategy and make the right business decisions

> Empower your people, clients and community to become brand advocates

> Encourage an emotional connection with your brand


Collective Collaboration

Brand Marketing Consultant
Need an external person to come in and collaborate with your internal brand, marketing and communication teams to ensure good execution of a specific project?

Collctive Collaboration

Someone to coordinate teams both internally (designers, content managers...) and externally (agencies, freelancers...)?


Access expertise that your business might not have in-house but is required for specific projects and will get the ball rolling for the team

> Decide if it is for a short-term project, for a set amount of time, or if you need help with long-term projects with specific deliverables

> Meet quickly approaching deadlines for urgent and unexpected deadlines


Brand Lab

Brainstorming sessions
Brand Lab

You want to get an extra brain and strategic point of view around the table?

We can brainstorm and exchange ideas together on particular projects or simply discuss challenging questions you may have.

I can give a fresh look, guide you and review what you've already done.


> Obtain a new and fresh perspective

> Step out of your comfort zone

> Become more agile


Toolbox Starter Pack

Entrepreneur & Start-ups
ToolBox Starter Pack

You are an autodidact, self-starter, early-stage entrepreneur and you've got too many ideas?


The Toolbox starter pack sessions are video calls to help you brainstorm and sort through your buzzing ideas. 

Helping you turn ideas into reality.


> A listening ear can resolve blockers and boost creativity

> Use structure to bring ideas to light

> Be more motivated, inspired, and energised

> Prioritise next steps